While You Were Sleeping

Title: While You Were Sleeping

Total Episodes: ?

Status: Currently Airing

Genres: romance, comedy, fantasy

Description: Can tragedies be avoided if they can be foreseen? In life, we witness small and big events. What would happen if someone can foresee every single event? A woman, played by Suzy, can see accidents that take place in the future through her dreams. A prosecutor, played by Lee Jong Suk, struggles and does everything he can to stop those dreams from becoming real. Will they be able to save our world from tragedies?

  • niceguy

    Where’s episode 9 and 10? Please….

  • Drama king frall

    Something wrong with kimchi drama 😂😅 they’re uploading a dramas very late

  • Kim Ha Na

    Just finished Ep 4 today and honestly loving how the back stories unfold in this drama! Smooth transitions between current setting versus pasts, love the chemistry between Suzy & Jong Suk!

  • My Weirdlove

    This is a great drama. The best of 2017 😍

  • Maurice Okram

    Can anyone suggest some good kdramas like this one.. This one is one of my fav kdramas of all time..

    • Chamila Jeewani

      There are many actually,
      Doctor Stranger (He is the main lead there too)