• usagi-chan

    her mom didnt look like she like it till the end i think they could have made her make a better face lmao

    • RichGirl 7

      But still, she respected her daughter’s choice like what the Dad said she’ll be the one living with the person she loves.

  • Koyani

    Temp of love…Episode 40:
    Good ending…they really did it there way 🙂 all the pan chan love stories had a resolution…except Kim, Jae Wook…get this guy a drama where he gets the girl! lol I have loved him since Coffee Prince!

    Yang, Se Jong & Seo, Hyun Jin together before in Romantic Dr. very different together… in that “check it out”

    Sim, Hee Seob warm and interesting in this role with temper mental Hong, Ah…

    The writer & director worked out as love interests, as well 🙂 This drama It’s a 10.

  • HUL1997

    Happy ending. Love it.