• I approached watching this as i usually do when it comes to RomCom.. expecting something lighthearted and easy to watch.. Unfortunately a few RomComs get overacted, trying too hard to hit the funny lines that the overacting becomes distracting and the show gets hard to watch..

    Fortunately this is not the case for I Am Not A Robot, judging from this first 2 episodes.. I should say though that I am a huge fan of YSH..

    The actors that ended up in this RomCom has taken the reigns and ran with it.. No overacting, in voice, facial expression and body language.. The actors are bringing to life their characters as natural as possible which has made this a joy to watch..

    It is nice to see YSH break into his first RomCom.. His facial expressions, his eyes, his tone of voice and his body language certainly suits this genre.. He is not overacting his character either..

    KiJoon has always been in serious roles.. It is refreshing to see him here act out this character.. A far cry from his other villainous characters of the past..

    I can sense a joy and enthusiasm from both male leads, as they deliver characters they havent portrayed before.. because of this, they are nailing their characters.. One ends up smiling seeing them be comedic which they showcased in glimpses in their previous serious roles..

    SooBin has always been a joy to watch.. She is not overacting her character either.. I look forward to seeing her different sides as she acts out a robot and a human..

    The main characters, YSH and SooBin, will go through transformations which I am looking forward to.. As well as the other characters (KiJoon and his team)..

    This is a refreshingly new take on the gender-bender type RomComs, but instead of a girl pretending to be a guy and there is a guy that falls for her and getting emotionally confused.. It is a girl pretending to be a robot and there is a guy that falls for her who will also go through an emotional roller coaster….

  • jak

    L. A. M. E.