Fabricated City

Movie: Fabricated City

Release Date: February 2017

Director: Park Kwang-Hyun


Description: In real life, Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang-Wook) is unemployed, but in the virtual game world he is the best leader. Kwon Yoo is then framed for a murder. With the help of hacker Yeo-Wool (Shim Eun-Kyung), he tries to uncover the truth behind the murder case.

  • Ana Maria

    Something is wrong , the movie does not match the description but it was a good movie so i do not regret seeing it .

  • Innami

    Wrong movie…. Please fix.
    (playing Tunnel instead of Fabricated City)

    • sorry bout that. fixed now

      • Innami

        Thaaaank you 💜💜💜

  • Rosalie DelosSantos Dotollo

    awesome movie!!!!

  • Bintu Bomai

    It was lit,but a times the sub doesn’t correspond

  • Pekas

    Whatttttt JCW???? Yes….missing him…but this will do now!!!

  • Chanthon Sieng

    Thank you very much kimchidrama for the movie. Great movie. Love it!